Mixing Machine Screen and Sealing Improvement

Mixer is a kind of equipment that grinds wet powder blocks into particles in a rotating way, and can also break up brittle or irregular materials. Laboratory mixers are not suitable for solid, liquid or ground use. The following describes the improvement of the screen and sealing of the laboratory mixer.

Improvement of laboratory mixing mechanism granule screen

Laboratory mixer in the pelleting process because the material is more viscous, and the smaller the aperture of the screen, the thinner the screen plate, the smaller the opening rate of the screen, the greater the extrusion pressure, the more easily the screen is broken, so that the majority of users in the actual production of larger production costs, and consume a lot of time to replace the screen.

According to the customer’s point in the use process, the screen disassembly and installation of the original pelleting machine and the installation of the stopper bucket are more troublesome because the laboratory machine often needs to be replaced when in use, which requires convenient disassembly, cleaning and installation. According to this feature, our company has improved the installation form of the screen and the installation mode of the stopper bucket, all of which adopt the bayonet structure. In this way, it is very convenient for customers to disassemble and clean during use, and the installation is simple.

Laboratory hybrid seal improvement

Laboratory mixer in the pelleting process another important problem is the sealing problem, because the laboratory mixer and other equipment working principle is not the same, the general equipment seal is mainly dust or oil seal, because there is no large extrusion pressure between the dust and the equipment, so the general use of oil seal, tetrafluor4, labyrinth seal or gas seal to seal can meet the requirements.

The laboratory mixer will produce a large extrusion pressure in the extrusion process, so the seal is difficult to seal the dust and oil, water, generally work continuously for 3 months, the material will run into the bearing, bite the bearing, knock out the gear, if it is the food industry or pharmaceutical industry will appear very serious pollution.

There is really no better way to seal because the speed of the laboratory mixer is very low, so the mechanical seal can not meet the requirements. In response to this situation, the company has designed a new model to completely improve this problem, although the seal is not solved, but can let the material does not enter the reducer, and it is easy to clean up the material squeezed in time, so that it will not damage the laboratory mixer.

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