Structure and Operation of PVC Mixer

During the operation of the PVC mixer, due to the multi-directional operation of the mixing barrel, various materials accelerate the flow and diffusion during the mixing process, while avoiding the phenomenon of material gravity segregation and accumulation caused by centrifugal force in general mixers. The mixing has no dead corners and can effectively ensure the excellent quality of the mixed materials.

The PVC mixer consists of a base, a transmission system, an electrical control system, and a multi-directional transport mechanism. Characteristics: Due to the multi-directional movement of the mixing barrel, there are many cross mixing points for the materials in the barrel, resulting in high mixing efficiency, with a uniformity of over 99.9% and a large loading coefficient of 0.9 (0.4~0.6 for ordinary mixers).

Short mixing time and high efficiency. It is a three-dimensional mixer with a unique design of the mixing barrel body. The inner wall of the barrel body is finely polished, without dead corners, does not pollute materials, is easy to discharge, and is easy to clean and operate.

When mixing with a PVC mixer, it is required that all materials involved in the mixing be evenly distributed. The degree of mixing can be divided into three states: ideal mixing, random mixing, and completely immiscible.

The degree of mixing of various materials in a mixing machine depends on factors such as the proportion, physical state, and characteristics of the materials to be mixed, as well as the type of mixing machine used and the duration of the mixing operation.

The mixing of liquids mainly relies on PVC mixers, mechanical mixers, airflow, and the jet of the liquid to be mixed, to stir the materials to achieve uniform mixing.

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