The Use and Discharge Mode of Horizontal Mixer

Horizontal mixer consists of U-shaped container, screw-belt mixing blade and transmission parts. The horizontal mixer produced by our company mainly includes horizontal screw belt mixer and horizontal plough mixer. Based on the experience of manufacturing mixing equipment, we independently developed special processing machinery for mixing equipment, cooperated with high and new modern processing means, strictly managed production, ensured product quality, accumulated talents, created advanced service team, and achieved professional brand of mixing equipment.

Main uses:

It is suitable for mixing pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemicals, biology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractories, plastics, compound fertilizers and other solid-solid-slurry mixtures. It is also especially suitable for mixing viscous materials.

Working principle:

Through mechanical transmission, the machine rotates the S-type agitator, pushes the material to and fro, and mixes evenly. The operation is controlled by electrical apparatus. The mixing time can be set, the mixing time can be automatically stopped and the material can be electronically poured, so as to improve the mixing quality of each batch of materials and achieve high uniformity of mixing.

Discharge mode:

(1) Powder material: pneumatic large open door structure;

(2) Manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve is used for high fineness materials.

How to use:

(1) When the equipment is in operation, no more than 5 mm hard foreign body should enter the machine, otherwise it should be shut down and excluded.

(2) When mixing solid-liquid, it should be operated first, then sprayed. After spraying, the mixing can be continued for 3-5 minutes.

(3) The mixing time of primary materials is generally about 5-8 minutes. The mixing time of special materials needs to be determined by user test.

(4) The particle size of the mixture is 20-1400 meshes, and the amount of spray can be determined according to the adsorptive property of the material and the requirements of the user’s production process.

(5) The reducer and bearing should be replaced with lubricating oil regularly in use. The lubrication of the reducer is not marked according to the instructions of the reducer.

(6) Shaft end seals are packed. Sealing material is usually oil-impregnated asbestos, if a small amount of leakage is found in use, tighten the pressure bolt of the filling box cover.

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